Leveraging Big Data to Drive Innovation, Improve Operational Efficiency and Exceed Customer Expectations

In today’s ever-changing environment, retailers must stay up-to-date with customer demand and align their strategy to their customer's needs. Consumers have more choices than ever before and retailers must strive to improve customer experience through every engagement.

Today’s consumers can be incredibly demanding, expecting a personalised shopping experience, service and platform throughout their entire customer journey with the product they want, presented to them in the right way, at the right time and at the right price.

Failure to do so could result in a lost purchase, or even worse, a lost customer!

Whilst this is forcing retailers to re-think the way they analyse data in order to understand customer behaviour, data is also being used to develop pricing strategy, product development, merchandising, risk strategy and operational efficiency.

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Expert Speaker Panel:

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Attend Big Data & Analytics Retail and Solve Key Challenges by Learning How To:

Analyse customer insights to create a personalised and relevant message to enhance the customer experience, drive customer loyalty and increase spending

Utilise data and insights to make workforce, financial, process, product and innovation decisions that will drive down costs and increase profitability

Combat the data talent gap and develop your workforce into a team of data-savvy individuals

Leverage customer data from multiple channels to uncover consumer patterns and requirements that will support and drive unique marketing strategies

Exploit data to build innovative marketing and e-commerce strategies which will boost sales performance

Utilise predictive analytics to increase merchandising and supply-chain productivity

Identify, select and implement technology, systems and tools that will support your Big Data strategy and provide the best ROI

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Who will I meet?

Network with experts from the Top 50 UK and international retailers to develop your data strategy and drive your business’s success. Just some of the job titles you will have the chance to exclusively network with:


Chief Data Officers


Head of Data Analytics


Heads of Customer Insight


Heads of Marketing


Heads of Business Intelligence


Heads of Loyalty


Heads of e-commerce


Heads of I.T


Heads of Digital


Heads of Online Experience


Social Media Managers


Data Scientists


Big Data Consultants

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