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Download the 2017 Agenda

2017 is the year to create a superior experience, build loyalty, improve ROI, drive down costs and capitalise on customer insights through the smartest big data strategies and that's why leading data, BI, marketing, insight and loyalty professionals from the retail industry are attending the upcoming 5th Annual Big Data & Analytics Retail 2017... Read More


How are eBay using Data to predict what will happen next in the retail space?

In this exclusive PEX Network interview, eBay offers insight into the role data will play in 2016 and discusses the impact it may have on three key areas of their business strategy. Focusing on the relationship with the customer, the corporate landscape and digital transformation, Maya Fowell interviews eBay’s Head of Customer Insight, Heather... Read More

The Provocative Post Office - An Overview of How Big Data is Royally Revamping How We Send Mail

The Post Office, an organisation set up to do something quite different than businesses in the digital age we live in today, began its relatively new data journey against the context of a 350-year old legacy.   A key influencer in the shift is the Head of Analytics, James De Souza, who has driven a data and analytics led agenda that shows... Read More

The Benefits of Having a Data-Centric Company Culture

In 2013 The Fragrance Shop (TFS) had a limited view of customer information - who the customer was, how many they had or where they were coming from was not common knowledge. Fast forward to the present day and TFS has gone from a business that had a lot of data to one that knows exactly how to use it in order to make a significant impact.... Read More


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Big data is steering the world of retail, it feeds competitive advantage, it masters business decisions and if your brand doesn't get the right proposition to consumers - a competitor probably will.With exclusive insight from Nicola Travis, Customer Marketing Director, The Fragrance Shop and Patrick Osborne, Head of Customer Insights &... Read More


Personalisation & Predictive Analytics In Retail Infographic

Ahead of the Big Data Analytics Retail 2017 forum we get some tips from Kerry Dawes of The Rank Group who has experience working on personalisation programmes in a range of industries:  gambling, finance, utilities, telecoms, travel at enterprise level, on the subject of personalisation within retail.... Read More


4 Ways to Transform Your Business Through Customer Analytics

Companies regularly collect reams of data from their customer interactions and operations. Increasingly, they are looking to build capabilitiesthat can synthesize this raw asset into actionable insights (a competency known as Data Analytics), dramatically improving operational performance, enabling promotion & product ‘mass customization’... Read More

The Next Big Thing in Customer Centricity is Already Here...Are You Taking Advantage?

Imagine yourself a retailing executive. Most likely you want to improve your understanding of actual customer behavior so that you could develop better inventory, marketing, and merchandising programs. What if your firm had the ability to track real consumer behavior across multiple locations, ranging from where they come from, to their buying... Read More


Customer Loyalty And How To Get More Of It

The conventional thinking around customer loyalty is that the only metric that really matters is whether your customer would refer you to others, says British retail expert Peter Wray. In this Process Perspectives podcast, part of a special Retail Excellence Week content series, Wray discusses the evolution of customer loyalty schemes from simple... Read More


Smart Data and Analytics – Why Understanding the Customer means Value for the Customer

William Beckler, Director of Innovation at LastMinute.com joins Helen Winsor ahead of the Smart Data Analytics Retail Forum to discuss how advances in Insight and Analytics can be used to provide value for the customer. He outlines the biggest challenges and some tips for others in the industry. Listen to the podcast / Read the... Read More


Structured vs. Unstructured: How to Get the Most out of Surveyed Data

Every company wants to make measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty a top priority. They all talk about it; most of them do it. But are they doing it right? To help answer that question, this article provides an overview of just one of the elements of a successful, enterprise-wide Voice of the Customer (VOC) program: customer data -- both... Read More

Reaping the Customer Management Rewards of Data Analytics

It’s no secret that leading firms such as Wal-Mart, American Express, Capital One, Amazon and CarMax use cutting-edge Data Analytics to outflank competition, improve marketing & operational efficiencies and get closer to their customers' needs.  Making sense of internally generated data – its collection, synthesis and reporting – and... Read More


3 Top Tips on How to Analyse and Benefit from Social Media and Text Data Analytics in Retail

Rufus Weston, Insight Director, HarperCollins Publishers shares his strategic outlook for social media and text analytics in retail. Weston also shares his insights on why so many companies get social media wrong and  the advantages and limitations of social media and text analytics.  Finally, Weston reveals his top 3 tips on how to analyse and... Read More


8 Reasons to Invest in Big Data as a Retailer

Read this infographic of industry facts and figures that will show you why you must include Big Data in your business plan.... Read More


The Rules of Customer Insight & Analytics: Target the Right People, in the Right Place at the Right Time!

Quinton Davies, Senior Consultant at BIAS, discusses what ‘insight and analytics’ means for retailers and transport providers, what the biggest challenges are, and where it will have the biggest role to play within customer loyalty campaigns. Quinton offers his top tips for developing an insight and analytics in e-commerce, how retailers... Read More


Retail embraces social loyalty campaigns - but is a 'like' actually worth anything?

On the back of multi-channel madness and developments in mobile and social media, PEX contributor Sam Miranda examines how retailers are exploring innovative new ways of building customer loyalty. It starts with a ‘like’….... Read More


Customer Management eBook: Meeting the Needs of the Digital, Social and Mobile Customer

This eBook explores how organisations are approaching customer experience in today’s digital world. The aim is for these results to allow you to benchmark your own initiatives as you move into 2013. It also highlights key trends from the survey that will help you better understand where digital investments are being made to help drive... Read More